Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Be the Number One

The First Page Love

Being on the first page of search engine results is simply the goal of any online business; with rightly done Search Engine Optimization first page rankings are possible and very much in reach. The first page ranking will not only boost rankings but also improve online reputation and help enterprises acquire a loyal base of customers.

Sales and businesses on Internet are driven by search results. Millions of searches are being made every second but only a handful of enterprises are able to make sales happen! You know what is difference between those who are making sales happen and those who are not? Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization is the single most important thing for your online business. Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing your website according to the algorithms of search engines. SEO improves page ranking and converts traffic into sales.

The Optimization rules:

Finding the right keyword for your business and optimizing all content on your site according to the keyword is the first step towards the perfect SEO. Ensuring the limit and not overdoing is an important part. One needs to understand the negative side effects of SEO intricately.

The minute difference that makes you land on the second page instead of first in search results will cost your business a lot; first page rankings can be tamed by targeting the right keyword and building the necessary backlinks.

Why your Business needs a SEO Strategy?
  • Improve sales: SEO can increase the selling potential of site by leaps and bounds.
  • Targeted Traffic: SEO helps you reach the targeted audience base and demonstrate your services/products.
  • Improved Reputation: SEO helps you build an impeccable reputation online.
  • SEO is a marketing strategy that runs 24X7 Non-Stop.
  • SEO strategies are easily manageable and changes can be made without disturbing the whole architecture
  • Optimizing websites brings in the required structural change and improves the efficiency of the site
  • A smartly optimized website will be search engine friendly. Easily discoverable.
How Prodigious Online helps you with SEO?
  • Devise the proper SEO strategy for your business. Understand your targeted audience and product better for a smart SEO strategy.
  • Design and run a keyword strategy that improves ranking and drives sales.
  • Proper meta tag and meta description optimization for easier discovery by users and search engines.
  • Keep a tab on algorithm update by Google for better optimization.
  • Helps you get more coverage by Google. Helps you get more space by using proper snippets.
  • Helps you establish your website/blog as a thought leader.
  • Generates Monthly Progress Report for tracking growth.

Lets start from the basics, get all the fundamentals right and allow Google to find us. With all the Keywords and Meta Tags in place Google will not only find your business but will also rank it better. We are here to help you find your loyal audience base, measure selling potentials and achieve your targets every month.