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100% of Internet is nothing but content; half of them includes of videos, audios, GIFs while the rest half is text. Text based content marketing including blogs, articles and press releases can do wonders for nascent businesses and can also help established business houses tap into a new audience base. With content marketing enterprises can change the way people perceive their business.

Search Engines like Google have started valuing Quality Content over Quantity Content hence adding more values to Content Marketing. Content Marketing cannot only help your business gets noticed but can also empower to generate more leads.

Content Marketing guarantees you a steady flow of traffic, sales and customer building. Unlike Pay-Per-Click content marketing takes a little time to start showing its effect but it is affordable, sustainable and the hottest thing on block.

With content marketing enterprises can aim to acquire the requisite traffic and save a lot of fund.


What makes content marketing so important?

Search Engines! Yes, search engines like Google value quality content hence content marketing is a must do thing for every enterprise. Google now follows a wide range of parameters for ranking websites and blogs. With content marketing be it blog or articles, it is easier to cover all parameters and secure an impressive ranking.

Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimization was about creating Backlinks, in the contemporary world it is all about Quality Content.

What is that Google looking for, actually?

  • Impressive High Quality Content that adds value to readers.
  • Original Content that can be easily identified by Google Search Bots.
  • Content sharing and consumption across varied platforms like social media, ezines or huffingpost.

Why any enterprise should engage in Content Marketing?

  • Drive genuine and organic traffic
  • To have more of targeted traffic on their site in order to generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness and spread a sense of loyalty among users
  • To be established as a thought leader
  • Inspire your audience to share your site/blog by serving them with quality content
  • Expansion of network by meeting new people on blog, social media and via emails
  • Make match happen with people looking for a product or service similar to yours
  • Beat your competition and establish yourself as the Expert.

How Prodigious Online can help you with Content Marketing?

  • Keyword research and planning. We help you find the most important keywords for your business.
  • Build a strategy that resonates with the business goals and serves additional opportunities.
  • Create quality articles, blogs and images. Schedule quality content on your blog.
  • Create quality and unique content for diverse social media campaign.
  • Advise and prompt at all levels of business development in accordance to SEO.
  • Prepare detailed monthly report for measuring audience reach and engagement.

Content marketing not only creates authority but also establishes your business as a thought leader; it also explains the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product or service.

With Content Marketing startups can aim to challenge established business houses and make them run for their money and position in market.

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