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Pay for Performance

We offer digital marketing services that focus on delivering real, proven results. You only pay us when we achieve those results, ensuring you always get a guaranteed return on your investment.
Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Our friendly and expert account managers are here for you, ready to support your needs and ensure you’re always at your best.
Customized solution 1

Customized solution

We know that every business is different, and that means their needs are unique. That’s why we make special marketing plans just for you and your business.
Real time tracking

Payment process

We make it easy for you when it comes to paying your affiliates and partners. You only need to make one payment to Prodigious Online, and we’ll handle sending payments to all your affiliates and partners. This makes your accounting simple and straightforward.
Real time tracking

Real time tracking

We use GetCake, a top-quality tracking system in the industry. It helps affiliates and advertisers monitor how well their campaigns are doing in real-time and provides detailed data analysis.
Only Quality Publishers 1

Only Quality Publishers

We always promise to make sure the traffic we send to our advertisers is of good quality.
work quickly


Our motto at Prodigious Online is to do excellent work quickly. We can quickly set up and provide you with real-time reports for qualified traffic, sales, downloads, or leads across various areas within hours.
online advertising

Traffic Types

You can pick where to advertise your Campaigns. We have a big group of partners who are experts in different types of online advertising, like email, display ads, native ads, social media, coupons, cashback, pay-per-click (PPC), and pay-per-view (PPV).

Traffic Compliance

We ensure that all the places where your brand is promoted follow the rules. We use strong security tools to check if your affiliates’ campaigns are real and if they are doing anything wrong, like posting misleading ads or creating fake leads.